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CONGRATULATIONS on being selected as Unit Public Affairs Representative (UPAR) for your organization. Being a UPAR can be one of the most rewarding and highly visible duties that will benefit you and your entire organization.

As UPAR, you represent all the people and programs in your organization, and work directly for the commander, chief or director. People in your organization will turn to you when they want to pass on news and unclassified information — whether it’s to the people in your organization, everyone on base, or even the entire National Guard. You will ensure that your unit gets the much deserved visibility and recognition for the many achievements of your people. Fortunately, there are many resources available to you. These resources, when used properly, can make your organization and the people in it shine.  Visit the links on the left to learn more.

Your most valuable resources are the professionals in the Public Affairs (PA) office. The PA office controls most of the mediums, including Social Media, you will use to get your information out, and will help you tell your unit’s story to the rest of the world. Develop a close working relationship with the professionals in the PA office — they can’t publicize your unit’s accomplishments if they don’t know about them!

They can be reached at mo.ngpao@mail.mil or by phone at (573) 638-9500 x39846


Online UPAr Course

Registering for a Course

  • Log into ALMS by navigating to AKO www.us.army.mil and logging in. You will now see navigation headers (Home, My Workspace, Site Map, My Favorites, Quick Links and Self Service) on your homepage within AKO.
  • Select “My Education” from the “Self Service” drop down menu.
  • You will see an ALMS logo which you can click on, or you can click the link “Click Here” underneath the logo.
  • You are now logged into the ALMS decision page displaying three (3) navigation buttons, click the “Go To ALMS Homepage” button
  • Note: For first time users of the ALMS, when accessing the “Go To ALMS Homepage” button you will be prompted to complete the ALMS Tutorial
  • On your ALMS homepage. In the “Course Search” entry field type Unit Public Affairs Representative Course and click the “Search” button     
  • You will now see the course listed below.
  • Click on “Register”
  • You will now see a “Create Order” screen with your selection and enclosed materials.
  • Click “Continue Registration”.
  • You will now see a “Registration Confirmation” screen. Click the “Go to Enrollments” button.

Note: Once the registration is completed you will receive the following email message.

Welcome, [Your Name], you have been enrolled Unit Public Affairs Representative Course which is managed by the Army Learning Management System (ALMS). To access the ALMS, log in to AKO and select "My Training" or "My Education" from the Self Service drop-down menu, locate the ALMS box and click on the ALMS logo.

 After Login, you will be presented with a decision page providing you access to annual Mandatory Training or the ALMS Homepage for all other training.  If you have not viewed the latest ALMS tutorial, you will be required to do so before proceeding to the homepage.  Your courseware registrations can be launched from within the Enrollments Page accessed by clicking "Enrollments" in the "Execute Training portlet" on the ALMS Homepage.

 For help in operation of ALMS, click on the "Help" link at the top right edge of the ALMS Homepage to access detailed instructions for ALMS functions. You may also view the ALMS tutorial again from the link in the "Tutorials and Additional Resources" portlet.

 If you require further assistance in using ALMS, click on the Army Training Help Desk (ATHD) link also located in the "Tutorials and Additional Resources portlet." This will open the ATHD webpage. Select the "Submit a Trouble Ticket" tab and follow the instructions.

  • On your Enrollments page, you will see, Unit Public Affairs Representative Course. Click the plus (+) sign to the left of the Learning Offering title. Then click the plus (+) sign to the left of Required: Module1. The content Launch button will open the offering content. 
  • Once you have closed the course offerings, your completion will reflect so on your transcript (Detailed Training Records).

 Certificate of Completion

  • If you would like to print a certificate of completion do the following:
  • On the ALMS Homepage, in the Training History portlet, click on the “Detailed Training Records” link.
  • You will now see all of the courses that have been completed and transferred to your My Detailed Training Records.
  • Under “Completion Status” / “Course Iteration Name “, you have the option to print a certificate of completion.


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