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Need to Get Away?
This romantic weekend is designed to help you live and love before deployment starting with a strong family foundation!

  • Just getting back from deployment, about to deploy?
  • Are your kids college-bound or out of the house, feeling that empty nest?
  • Are you a Missouri National Guard Citizen-Soldier serving the State of Missouri and your Country?

Take some time out for yourself and join us for a fun-filled weekend! No cost! Confidential!

These training are a fresh approach to relationships, not therapy. It is for soldiers who want to make/continue healthy and fulfilling relationships.

Strong Bonds PREP is a fresh approach and is education, not therapy. It is for couples who want to make/continue a healthy and fulfilling marriage. It is a skills and principles building curriculum designed to help partners increase their connection with one another.

Take some time out for yourselves and join us for a fun-filled weekend! No cost! Confidential!


FY17 Strong Bonds Training

Training For Married Couples (limited to 30 couples per event):

  • 21 - 23 Apr 17    (registration cut-off is 10 Apr 17) - Lake Ozark
  • 28 - 30 Jul 17 (registration cut-off is 13 Jul 17) - Location to be determined (If funding is available)

Training for Families (Limited to 30 families per event. Soldier, spouse (if applicable), and children.)

  • No FY17 scheduled training for Families

Training For Singles:

  • No FY17 scheduled training for Singles

Contact CH(MAJ) Cliff Brown for further information.  .

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